Credit List

Edit Producer/Director, Wild Horizons Ltd.
Wild Planet: North America (2013, series for Discovery Channel)
North America - an epic natural history series five years in the making - will sweep viewers across some of the most diverse landscapes on the continent and spotlight the unique wildlife that lives there...all right in our own backyards.
Episodes: Deserts, Freshwater & Behind the Scenes

Coordinating/Field Producer, National Geographic Television
Great Migrations (2010, 7 hour series for National Geographic Channel)
A global television event that takes viewers around the world on the arduous journeys millions of animals undertake to ensure the survival of their species.
Episode: Need to Feed

Coordinating Producer, tiger/tigress productions
Ms. Adventure
(01/2007, 10 hour series for Animal Planet) Featuring comedian Rachel Reenstra as she travels the globe to gain insight into human relationships by taking a look at animals. We’re not as different as you think!

Rachel can't imagine a tougher job in the world than being a parent, and she      wonders whether parenting instincts come naturally to all animals. Perhaps        she can learn some new tips from some of the wildest parents in nature. Locations: Australia, Tasmania

Rachel is set loose in the wild world of animal courtship where she learns some of the quirkiest dating tips from the players in the animal kingdom. Locations: Australia, Tasmania

In The Ring
Rachel wonders what triggers humans and animals to brawl and, more importantly, how to prevent a fight. Locations: Alaska, Montana

Surviving Extremes
Animals and humans face so many of the same predicaments in life, but animals seem to overcome them so easily. How do animals adapt to changes in their environment and the many challenges to their survival? Locations: Alaska, Montana

True Love
There are many examples of partnerships that work and don't work in the human world ... But what about animals? Are animals truly monogamous, and, if so, are we supposed to be? Location: Borneo

Untamed Diets
Rachel is confused by all the diet fads out there. She comes to wonder, what is the perfect balanced diet anyway? Location: Borneo

Dressed To Kill
Rachel travels on nature's catwalk with some of its most eccentric dressers and finds out if it's better to stand out or blend in. Location: Costa Rica

Tired of communication breakdowns, Rachel turns to the animal kingdom to clear up the airways. She gets tips on the best ways to communicate, from shouting across the jungle to smiling at a neighbor. Location: Costa Rica

Nature's Designers
Tired of the boring white walls and unimaginative layout of her apartment, Rachel feels the urge to remodel. So she sets off to get some tips from some of the best homemakers in the animal kingdom. Location: Australia

“Best Of” Family
The series best of family!


Segment Producer/Writer, Discovery Production Group
Get Out There! – (03/2006, 10 hour series for Animal Planet) Animal Planet transports American families into stunning wilderness areas to see an amazing array of wildlife. Biologists take each family into the backcountry to learn about wild animal behavior in America's top national parks and other spectacular locations. From close encounters with swift fox, bison, grizzly bears and other native species, families learn about wildlife in one of America's stunning national parks.

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, Baja Mexico
Point Reyes National Park, California


Field Producer/Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Whales In Crisis – (03/2004, 1 hour Special for PBS) Whales in Crisis chronicles the tales of passionate people fighting to learn about whales and save them from unforeseen perils.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Crittercam Special – (02/2004, 1 hour Special for Fox) The ultimate POV experience has been unleashed. For one adrenaline-pumping hour …you can be the beast.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Predators At War – (01/2005, 2 hour Special for National Geographic Channel) Experience natures very own battlefield. As resources become scarce in the African bush… leopards, lions, cheetahs and hyenas wage war for their survival. 2006 Emmy winner.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Deadly Love – (01/2005, 1 hour Explorer for National Geographic Channel) Venture in to the seedy and dangerous world of the spider. Where a tryst can easy become murder. 2006 Emmy winner.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Creepy Healers – (10/2003 – 1 hour Ultimate Explorer for MSNBC) Here be maggots. Here be filth. Here be leeches and maggots. You may be surprised to know that these long reviled creatures are medical miracle workers. 2005 Emmy nomination.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Secret Weapons – (11/2002, 1 hour Explorer for MSNBC) Mother Nature is inspiring powerful new defense technology to help protect troops and civilians on the modern battlefront…our nature’s secret weapons.

Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film
Wolf Pack – (12/2002, 1 hour Explorer for MSNBC) In the wild heart of Yellowstone, a reintroduced wolf pack becomes a well-oiled machine, but their family life is a tumultuous saga. 2004 Emmy nomination.